Sunday, July 04, 2004

So, last night there was a "40 Party". As some of you may have already guessed, a "40 Party" is one in which everyone drinks 40 ounce bottles of beer, prefferably malt liquor. Started about 9 and went to about 2am.

Today it rained so no 4th of July BBQ. It has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

Instead I played cards with Kendra(one of the only people I talk to here), her friend Lizzy(who just got back from 3 months in Australia), and Kendra's brother Chris. Then we went and saw Dodgeball. It was funny in a stupid way.

Dinner tonight was going to be cabbage rolls so we opted to eat in town after the movie. I had a Philly cheese steak. Later on tonight all of us are going dancing.

More seminars tomorrow morning. We have so many seminars I wonder if I'm ever going to start taking measurements for my project. I really need to start collecting data. Anyways, our IRGA (infrared gas analyzer) just got back from the company that makes it. We got it last week (brand new) and it wouldn't work. There was a stray wire that kept shorting it out they said. Anyways, it is back and works great. So hopefully tomorrow when I'm in the seminar Jim or Knute or both of them will be out in the field putting the rest of the rings (collars), that my instrument sits on, into the ground so that the soil disturbance caused by that will calm down by the time I start collecting data. (I know, sooo boring.)

So, that is all for now. It is really humid and it sucks.

Love from the midwest.