Friday, August 05, 2005

Where Are The Fashion Police When You Need Them?

Ugh! A month ago, I found this hat pattern by Jessica Minier Mabe that I was pretty excited about. It was my second knitting project. The first was Martha's "Coming Home" poncho (picture to come later, like after I wash the damn thing and try to shrink it since I thought it would be okay to make it with needles the next size up. I mean really, how much of a difference could 1mm in diameter make? HA!). Anyways, I was so excited about this hat that when I went to get yarn for the Hippest Beenie Ever I just grabbed the first skein of Lion Brand Homespun yarn that I could get my hands on.

That being said, by the time I realized I hated the color, I had already invested about 4 hours of time into this hat (remember, it was only my second project). I wasn't about to tear it out. So, I finished the hat, and started a scarf with the left over yarn. Now, the new problem is, I don't have enough yarn with which to finish the scarf. Woe is me, ugly yarn....

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hokeypokey7 said...

I love those colours! You look soooo cute!!!