Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Going Mad

School has started and I feel like I'll never be able to knit again. Haven't written since the weekend of the BBB. It was time to get a little party in before the grind of school started. What did I do? Hmm, went to Sacramento on Thursday, caught the Flying Owls at the last downtown Friday Night Concert in the Park (I'm actually surprised I even know who was playing. Usually when that question comes up about who is playing me and everyone I know responds,"I don't know, it's all about the beer, not the band.), and started knitting a scarf for my Dad's birthday which was the 21st.

Um, I showed him the scarf and didn't actually give it to him because I started it on Friday and didn't get it finished by Sunday. Why wasn't I more diligent in completing a gift for a very important dude in my life you might find yourself asking. Well, I'm queen procrastinator. Now, now...I know you probably think, "No WAY is she the queen of procrastination! I am the queen." Well whatever! As Frank Sinatra once said, "If drinking (procrastination) were an Olympic sport, Dean Martin ( I ) would be the coach." I would also like to add that I'd give Dean a run for his money on the drinking too!

Anyways, no pictures as of yet. Sacramento was too fun and I was too drunk to be trusted with responsibility of an expensive digital camera that weekend.

Pics of scarf and the now finished scallop/lace scarf/hat combo that I gifted to my mother are coming soon.

And now... homework, homework, homework.

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