Friday, August 12, 2005

Avenue Of The Giants, Shish Kebobs, and Lazy Cat

Yesterday morning after dropping of my boyfriend at work, I took Lupine to Muddy Paws. It is one of those do-it-yourself sort of dog wash places. Needless to say, Lupine's day was not off to a good start. No pictures of the dog bath due to unfriendly picture taking conditons (very wet dog and only slightly less wet me).

To make it up to her we went on a drive down south a little ways and checked out the Avenue Of The Giants. This is where some of the biggest trees in the world are. The redwoods are truly a magnificent spectacle. The only problem I have with the Avenue is that it runs parallel to Highway 101 and so you can hear big truck noise and all that other crap.

After the redwoods we came home to find Lily cat doing the only trick she knows. I call this trick "lazy cat".

Left Lupine at the house with Lily and went out for groceries. But before I stopped at the grocery store I went to this hobby/craft shop I saw when I was driving down Central Ave. I couldn't believe what I had found. The ugly yarn for the cable scarf and hat combo that I had been having trouble finding. Whee! Now I can move on to other more important worries.

I came home and made mad shish kebobs and when Quentin came home he bbq'ed the bobs and we feasted. They were damn good.

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