Monday, April 11, 2005

I am really not liking my life right now. I didn't get the friggin' summer internship I applied for. Bastards! The dude making decisions about it said somthing about GPA. I think it was a little of that and more of, "We haven't had you in any of our classes yet." Ugh. Freaking personal relationships. WHATEVER! I could cry I'm so upset.

As a result of the crappy news of the day I have been evaluating my options:

1. Take the animals home for the summer and go to school in Sacramento indefinitely.

2. Leave the animals here and go to school here.

3. Take animals home at end of semester and do summer school in sacramento/put my crap in storage and find a place here in Humboldt for the fall.

4. Run away to a foreign country.(Okay, so I'm not really considering that option but I would have in the past.)

My boyfriend cleaned and did a bunch of crap he hasn't been doing. Why? I think he wants a 12-pack of beer today for 11 dollars on Tuesday.

I have freaking had IT! I'm so over this freaking house with my freaking boyfriend. Aaaarrrgggh!