Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I really do have it down to a science, waiting until the very last minute to be productive. Fall semester at CS
U, Sacramento ended for me on the 14th of December. I have had all that time to get ready for my big move up North, square away my school information including financial aid, and apply for internships and scholarships. However, being the master of time wastage that I am, I am doing it all in the two days prior to leaving for my orientation.

I wonder if you, or one rather, is a procrastinator from birth...Is there a gene?

If there is a gene for it, I got the lazy gene. (Thank goodness there is no paper due, otherwise I'd get to see the tsunami.)

Coffee calls...more later.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Psychics And Other Such Nonsense

Now I'm a psychic (right). Just becuase I freak out pre-paper-due-date, does not mean that I predicted the tsunami of a lifetime!

Moving on...

Moving is becoming difficult. Few if any places in the Arcata/Eureka area are pet friendly. I mean, what a crock! Aren't those self righteous, ultra-liberal, vegan, pot smoking hippies up there supposed to like animals? WTF! I'm a single female with a large dog, would they rather I have my own personal "collection" of guns! Sheesh.

As of now, it appears that I will be living out of my car in order to attend school at HSU.

More news later as it happens....