Thursday, November 17, 2005


Here they are (at long last). The "Hooray For Me" gloves from Marnie MacLean's website. As some of you who have been keeping up know, I made these with the intention of keeping my wrists warm while I knit. Now that they are finished and all the ends are sewn in and I have taken them on a test run I have discovered something. The fingers of these "fingerless" gloves get in the way of my yarn creating more tension in my working yarn that I want or can deal with when I'm knitting. Janice from MLYS suggested cutting off all the fingers and binding off at the top of my knuckles. I said, "No freaking way! Are you joking, do you know how many times I re-knit some of the fingers because they were too small?" So, these are officially dog park gloves and when I'm ready to attack a project with size 2 needles again I will make another pair, this time with no fingers. I think I will actually bind off before I get to my knuckles to make sure the gloves don't interfere with my knitting. They were intended to be wrist warmers after all. Done.

Next topic: Another Beanie.

I'm calling this one "Green Acres". This one is for a good friend of mine in Salt Lake City, Utah. He says it's already way cold so I'm sure it'll come in handy.

It's a simple one by one rib that is moving along rather quickly now that I can knit continental. I think I may have mentioned back during the knitting of the first (and only) Wyvern sock that I was forcing myself to knit some of it continental style because it was supposedly faster. I here to tell any and all disbelievers that it is in fact faster when you have to switch back and forth between knit and perl.

In other news, I am moving out this weekend. Have the moving truck reserved and everything. I would also like to gloat and tell everyone that I have all of next week off for Turkey Day. That's right, you read it here first, the whole damn week!



amandamonkey said...

Those gloves are really fun - Nice job!

Becky said...

Nice gloves! You do great work. :) It sounds like you've been very busy. Don't you just love continental?

Missed you at Midnight Madness. Have a good Thanksgiving break.