Saturday, November 05, 2005

Thursday is my short day at school. I only have classes until 10am. After that I usually go over to MLYS and knit. Here are some of the people who were there this past Thursday. In the pink is Maddy. She has been weaving beanies on a loom for X-mas presents for family members. In this other picture she is modeling a hat/muff (the muff is going to get felted) combo that Janice is making for her niece. What is so funny about this hat is that Janice CO and started it about three different times. The hat was HUGE. Anyways, this final version with a strand of eyelash and a strand of wool on size 15 with 45 st works for a child about 5-8 years of age.

Next we have Janice, not to be confused with Janice who is making the hat and muff. This is the Janice who is into scrapbooking. I realize now that I should have taken a picture of the holiday greeting cards she made. I'm always amazed how professional and pretty the handmade cards look.

Here I am working on the "Hooray For Me" gloves. The one on my hand is just for show. It now has a permanent home at the store. It will forever stay as a sample of that type of sock yarn. I cut the pattern down to 46 st and it fits mucho mejor (much better).

Here is Colleen working on a tube sock for one of her young family members (I forget who. I really should take notes when I talk to people, especially if I expect to write about it later).

Last night Q and I went to the local Indian casino for the buffet dinner (Friday is seafood night, my fave). The waitress comes by to get our drink order and we both order a beer and ice water. She repeats the order with one wrong beer. So I tell her again that I want Coor's Light. She comes back with the two beers, no ice water. I of course, am pissed. Q tells me to calm down and that he'll remind her yadda yadda yadda. So while I am up at the buffet, she stops by the table and according to Q, asks him if he wants anything else and all of a sudden realizes her mistake and says,"Oh, I forgot the water. (She then proceeds to pout and say) No tip for me tonight." Q said it was all he could do not to die with laughter. I guess she was a couple slices short of a loaf.

Finally, this picture is the funniest thing ever. Check out Lily's fat butt.


Becky said...

Hey! I recognize that store! And that face! I was surfing around and found your blog. Small world, Neighbor! Remember me from Midnight Madness? And maybe Stitch N Bitch, too.

Great socks and gloves.

hokeypokey7 said...

she's not fat...she's fluffy! someone else said that, I can't take credit. Love your blog...keep up the amazing manualidades -- that's what they call it here. It's true...I sawit on TV, so you KNOW it's true!