Monday, November 28, 2005

Menti (Spanish for "I lied")

Okay, so I lied, I have one picture from Thanksgiving. It is of my friend Billy's dog Ace. He is 13 months old and the cutest pit bull EVER! When I got to Java City I saw the two of them there and poor Ace was freezing his little butt off. I happened to have a dog blanket in my car. I brought it out so Ace could lay on it. He was very happy after that.

Here is the Smith and Hawken Ornament Tree my Mom gave me to help decorate my house. Q and I decorated it with the miniature ornaments. I put the blinky lights inside the tree because they looked dopey on the outside. Q wanted a regular tree but this is good for our first tree, next year maybe. The bottom line is it's pretty isn't it?! It was a little tough to catch them on in their blink rotation, but being the master camera operator that I am....

Next topic:

I know this might seem hard to fathom, but I am not always the most easy going person. My personal opinion is that I'm easy to get along with until you make me mad. That being said, the man you see in the picture, is my roommate (Picture has been removed due to Q pointing out some garbage about right to privacy. I think that if you break the law you have no privacy). The current situation that has my hackles up is that my asshole for a roommate had the nerve to accuse Q of stealing his marijuana. Let me just say two three things: (1) He owes Q a huge apology because Q wouldn't steal, (2) he owes Q a debt of gratitude because the only reason I haven't turned his sorry as in to the authorities is because Q has asked me not to, and (3)neither Q or I smoke pot. I hate asshole roommates with their piggy, sloth-like girlfriends. Done.


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Sarah said...

I hear you on the sucky roomie thing...I have had some BAD ones. If you guys can afford it, kick his ass out. You don't want to be mixed up in anything when the dumbass gets himself in trouble.

Ahem. On a different note, the doggie is SO CUTE! Poor cold puppy! Glad you had a blankie to warm him up. And I love the little tree, I think B and I are going to do something similar this year.