Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fire On The Telephone Wire

I should have known better than to think I would neglect my knitting habit obsession for school work. Here is the second cable knit hat that heretofore and forever shall be known as the "Cables From Green Gables" beanie (how's that for gettin' wacky with the English language; fo shizzle dizzle). My lovely model, tired though he is, is very excited that his new hat is almost finished. He has those crazy eyes though, you know, where you think if you frame them with green they will look green and if you frame them with blue they will look blue. Instead the exact opposite happens as this picture demonstrates. Crap! I will console myself with the knowledge that they are still pretty, whichever color they happen to be today.

Lily cat is happy with her new found pillow (AKA Q's new belly). It's been tough on him, getting older, growing in the middle, on the brink of another birthday.... I know he is going to kick my butt when he reads this. Oh well, he likes to tease me about my thinning hair. What is it about those we love most and hitting them where it hurts?


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amandamonkey said...

I really loved the hat when I saw the photo but now that I saw its name, I love it even more.