Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Do You Want The Good News or The Bad News?

How shall I begin? How about bad news first, so as to end on a positive note? Me thinks yes. Okay then, here goes.

1. Karaoke contest = Bad news.

2. 73% on my soil physics midterm.

3. Broke up with Q, waiting for emotional fall out.

4. Sent my Mommy her birthday present late.

5. Kia the puppy keeps eating cat crap out of the litter box; follows cats around sniffing but(I think she knows they are the tootsie roll dispensers).

6. Started counting number of calories I shove into my mouth delicately nibble during meals.

I did not win at karaoke so I'm giving it up for my belated New Year's resolution. No more singing. I had on a fabulous outfit, sang like a vamp, and didn't win. Woe is me. Next.

School is giving me grief this semester. Next.

I love Q but he is so wrong for me. He needs mega counseling. I think the crying will happen over spring break (I know, shitty timing, but it is the first time I won't be too busy to feel it.) Woe is me 2 times.

Mom, your present is on the way, I hope you love it.

I absolutely adore puppy kisses, but I just can't let her near me for fear of cat butt on face.

I'm not hungry yet. Lets see how it goes.

Onto the GOOD NEWS!

  1. This blog has a new contributing member! Teeka. (Me and Teeka pictured right) Hooray. Can hardly wait. She says funny stuff all the time and is an amazing knitter! More new content, more often. And, as always, quality!
  2. 73% on my soil physics exam (I know, it was on the bad list too. The good part is that the class average was 65%. We get to retake it on Tuesday too. So I'll have another crack at it. Hooray 2 times)
  3. I sent off my Mommy's present and it should be at her office by the end of the week.
  4. I got a 93% on my econ exam (not too shabby).
  5. Mai Tai is finished (except the strap. Put one on it and hated it, it was a cast-on/bind off jobby that looked like crap in the yarn I picked. Changed it to an I-cord. Now I just need to attach it.)

6. Finished a sock for my "Socks for Wimps" class. The pattern is by Joan Fernbach. Thanks Joan.

Here is my progress thus far on Embossed Leaves. Slow because I have been working on all sorts of stuff for my knitting classes. Next I will start another pattern from AnastasiaKnits called the Melon Ball Bag. I will be teaching it at MLYS as a beginning crochet class.

That is all for now. Exams and papers keep me from knitting. It is so sad I am going to have to resort to larger needles.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Crisis Update: Catostrophe Averted

I was about to start freaking out because I couldn't find my camera. But, I was good in waiting to freak out, since, I finally found it.

Bobblicious from Knitty is finished. If you click to make the picture bigger, you can see that I modified it by kniting the upper arm in a 1x1 rib pattern. Other modifications: added 1 st and knit it in the round. You need the extra stitch to make the bobbles work out nicely. When you get the part where it is supposed to open for your shoulders, you just start knitting back and forth, knitting and purling, instead of in the round. When you reach the other arm, start back again in the round. I have worn it out twice already and have received oodles of compliments. I recommend making it.

I have turned the heel on Embossed Leaves. I was talking and watching a movie when I started back in on the lace portion so I need to frog a couple of rows because it would seem as though I have one stitch too many. Shit. Also, I think I would do these, and any socks in the future, as toe up. What was I thinking?

Last Wednesday I got out of school early because my soil physics lab got cancelled. So, I figured I'd go knit at MLYS for a couple of hours, and then go study for my wetland soils quiz and soil physics exam that I had coming up the following day. I get to the shop and say hello to Janice. She says to me,"Are you ready for tonight?" And I'm looking at her like she's a crack smoker and say,"What's tonight?" To which she replied,"Your changing colors class is tonight." SHIT. So I tell her I'll see her later and go home to learn how to knit intarsia the "right" way. Here you can see the swatch I knit up. The students in class were very excited when they started to see the pattern in their knitting. Yeah! I don't have pics of them because of the whole, freaking out (almost) because I couldn't find my camera thingy.

Here is my progress thus far on the Soulard Market Bag from Kricket Knits. I love the way it is going. Fuscia Lambs Pride and Color #17 Noro Big Kureyon, way coolio. I'm going to pick out the Cascade for the strap today.

The last bit in knitting news is that I'm going to make a purse called Mai Tai by AnastasiaKnits. It is a pattern that we got from the TNNA trade show and I'll teach it for next month's cable class. I am making out of a merino/silk combo by Himalaya Yarn Company. Tonight I have a cable class and the scarf we will be working on is pictured here on the left.

In other news, I cannot stand my wildland soils teacher. This morning I show up for class and she spends 7 minutes talking about a field trip we have tomorrow. Then, she lectures until 8:30am. Why is she able to zip through so quickly? Because she reads off the damn Power Point! And, she again forgot to bring a dry erase marker. I felt jipped this morning; class goes until 8:50am. I can only be consoled in the fact that I know the department isn't going to hire her on. She doesn't teach soil fertility so she's outta luck.

Send any and all good vibes my direction please. Thursday night I am in the finals for the karaoke contest SPECTACULAR at Blue Lake Casino. I hope they pick me; I'll be sad if they don't. And, unfortunately there will be no pictures of the event because they don't let you take pictures inside the casino. Bastards!

Ciao for now.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Working Madly

Alrighty then. As always, say it after me everyone, "There is never enough time to knit!" Grrr. Hiss. Okay, I am working on a few things. Here is the new yarn I bought for a project I am going to start just as soon as I finish the other projects I have going. Yeah right. Anyways, that is three, count them, three skeins of Noro BIG Kureyon. And, one 1-pound cone of Lambs Pride Fuscia thank you very much. I still need some Cascade 220 but that can wait. I know, you are waiting with baited breath to know what project it is for which I purchased the horrendously expensive yarn. It is the Soulard Market Bag by Kricket Knits at Crosseyed Cricket that J and I found at the TNNA winter trade fair. I'm sure the bag will be a snooze to knit, but the finished product is so fantastic I must have it. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Here is my progress on Bobblicious, by Estee Moscow, from the most recent Knitty. It is a super cute shrug. The thing about the pattern that drove me totally nutso is the HUMONGOUS seam(though perhaps not as humongous as my ass). Seriously, why would anyone ever knit anything in the flat when you can do it in the round.

This is the progress on the embossed
leaves. It is a gorgeous pattern, I want to knit it, all day, all the time.

Finally, here is cute little knitting bag that Janice from MLYS made me get. It is way coolio because it fits my sock project and I can have it on my wrist while I walk (like that ever happens, the walking, not the on the wrist thingy).

That is all I have for now. I finished my project for soil physics lab. Got a really CRAPPY grade in my wetland soils class on our first "quiz". LAME. She is a new teacher, I blame her.

Au revoir, hasta luego, ciao for now.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Once, Twice, Three Times I Say Crap!

Busy, busy and more busy. I realized I haven't had a day without obligations in over three, possibly four weeks. First there was the TNNA trade show, I moved weekend before last (see Lupine at the new house with Kia the puppy), last weekend I helped Q move and I had a soil physics field trip (pic later). Crap. Exam Wednesday, homework in two classes due Wednesday, two lab reports due next week. When am I ever going to have time to apply for freaking internships and financial aid for next semester. Again, crap. I think I am definitely spending way too much time reading school books. When did I start caring about reading school books. Triple crap. Knitting class Thursday night if anyone shows, I think a knitting class Saturday. My Friday Natural Resource Conservation class totally conflicts with my life.

In other news...
I have started the Embossed Leaves socks from the Winter 2005 issue of Interweave Knits. On the right is Peggy, she is way coolio. She took my toe up sock class, there is her short-row toe! Yeah Peggy! Jeanette took my glove class (again, pic later). Most people are deathly afraid of knitting on tiny needles. That must be why more aren't showing up to my classes. That or they can't stand me. Who knows. I will post a picture of a cable scarf I taught a few weeks ago. Yet another class that only one person (Jeanette I love you) showed up for. Cables are super easy! As J's grandmother says,"Cables are so easy a baby could knit them."

In blog nes... Linda mentioned to me today that she read about my blog in the North Coast Jornal last week. Here is the link==> http://www.northcoastjournal.com/012606/cover0126.html
Pretty cool huh? I'm going to see if I can get a print copy of that weeks journal.

Anyways, I don't have enough time for all that I love, that includes going to Sacramento. I am bound and determined to be there for spring break, there or somewhere, maybe Costa Rica. Did I mention I hate flying? Where's the Zanex?