Monday, February 13, 2006

Working Madly

Alrighty then. As always, say it after me everyone, "There is never enough time to knit!" Grrr. Hiss. Okay, I am working on a few things. Here is the new yarn I bought for a project I am going to start just as soon as I finish the other projects I have going. Yeah right. Anyways, that is three, count them, three skeins of Noro BIG Kureyon. And, one 1-pound cone of Lambs Pride Fuscia thank you very much. I still need some Cascade 220 but that can wait. I know, you are waiting with baited breath to know what project it is for which I purchased the horrendously expensive yarn. It is the Soulard Market Bag by Kricket Knits at Crosseyed Cricket that J and I found at the TNNA winter trade fair. I'm sure the bag will be a snooze to knit, but the finished product is so fantastic I must have it. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Here is my progress on Bobblicious, by Estee Moscow, from the most recent Knitty. It is a super cute shrug. The thing about the pattern that drove me totally nutso is the HUMONGOUS seam(though perhaps not as humongous as my ass). Seriously, why would anyone ever knit anything in the flat when you can do it in the round.

This is the progress on the embossed
leaves. It is a gorgeous pattern, I want to knit it, all day, all the time.

Finally, here is cute little knitting bag that Janice from MLYS made me get. It is way coolio because it fits my sock project and I can have it on my wrist while I walk (like that ever happens, the walking, not the on the wrist thingy).

That is all I have for now. I finished my project for soil physics lab. Got a really CRAPPY grade in my wetland soils class on our first "quiz". LAME. She is a new teacher, I blame her.

Au revoir, hasta luego, ciao for now.

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