Monday, January 23, 2006

Miracles Do Happen

Where to begin? So much to tell. I have pictures from about the second Wednesday of January until now to post. Crap. Okay. Here goes....

I was supposed to make a pink hat for myself to wear to the Red Hat Ladies Meeting the second Wednesday of this month. As mentioned in the previous entry I tried 3 different hat patterns, one of them twice, and frogged them all. Then I started this cabled headband from Chic Knits. It is tough to see the cable in this picture but trust me, it is pretty, and it's simple. As you can see it isn't a pink hat. Oh well.

Here you can see the pink hat I did wear. It was one that happened long before I learned how to knit. I did start crocheting like the day after I bought the hat and scarf and was having a tough time finding the wisdom in learning the craft. At least from an economic standpoint. The hat and scarf combo was from an inexpensive retail giant (no, not Wally World) and cost about $22. The materials that I bought for a scarf (yarn and crochet hook) cost only about $14, but that doesn't take into account the time it took me to make that one scarf. Not only that, but I think the person I gave it to doesn't even wear it. It was a pretty double crocheted black scarf with fringe out of the soft TLC yarn (cheap, I know, but I was new). One more thing about the Red Hat Lady day. If you look closely at the picture of J and I, I am wearing my "Coming Home" Poncho that I have failed to post a picture of on this blog. It was my first ever knitting project way back last June.

Now for the fun stuff. This past Thursday J and I took off from escaped from Humboldt County and began to make our way towards San Diego for the National NeedleArts Association's Winter Trade Show. Thursday we stayed the night in Sacramento. The next day began with a very nice conversation with a very happy Grandma (I love you Grammie). Coffee stop was next, gas, then of course Wally World. Here are J and I in the optical department trying on some Oscar de la Rente sunglasses. Eventually we stopped for coffee. You can see here that I'm double fisting the caffeine drinks. We had good Thai food at Thai Silk in Huntington Beach. We finally landed at the hotel around 11:30 pm where we met J's mom (aka The Owner of MLYS).

Saturday morning we were at the Convention center at about 7:45 am. They had Starbuck's so I was mostly okay except the whole, low blood sugar = cranky me thing. So, we went and asked a nice lady by the name of Alma, who was sweeping the sidewalk outside of the Hilton, if she knew of any good and inexpensive places to eat. She directed us to a place around the corner that was a liquor store that smelled like breakfast. I had a breakfast sandwich on a croissant that had the most perfect bacon ever. Crispy. Thanks Alma!

Back at the convention center we checked out the wall of yarn and the tables of products that the vendors had brought. It was all their new crap. Nothing really jumped out at me but then, I am forever in search of a single-ply, bulky, acrylic yarn. Anyways, finally at around 10 am the doors opened for the show. I was so excited when I saw book signings happening! I cannot even tell you. I had my pic taken with Fiona Ellis the author of the new, really cool book Inspired Cable Knits. I love the cabled hoodie. All the patterns are just gorgeous. Click on the book link to find out more!

Right after that, the most amazing thing happened. It was like a sign from g-d (if you believe in that sort of thing), I was looking at the publisher's table with all of the books on it and right there in front of me was a copy of the Big Girl Knits book that is supposed to be coming out April 19th. J said she'd give me like a million rock star points if I snatched it. But then, just as I was really beginning to consider starting a life of crime, I saw a schedule for the day of authors that would be signing and giving away books. Wouldn't you know that the book I absolutely, positively cannot live without was one of them. Not only that, but I didn't have to wait long. Jillian Moreno and Amy Singer were going to begin signing books in 15 minutes. OMG, I was so excited I thought I might pee my pants (kidding, but still, very excited). And thus, I got my uncorrected copy of Big Girl Knits. Then I got to meet Cat Bordhi, author of A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting. She is super gracious and I am really loving her book.

J, her Mom, and I found a number of really great new patterns, projects, and yarns for the shop. I think the coming months should be great fun.

Upon arriving back home in Humboldt, I was greeted by Q and these lovely flowers. He can be such a love sometimes. I suppose that's it for now. I'm moving out to a new place this weekend, school is on and today, I am still trying to recover from San Diego.


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hokeypokey7 said...

I've stopped at that Starbucks, too! What a great road trip -- what an amazing convention -- what a whirlwind weekend! :-)