Sunday, December 11, 2005


I don't know if I've said it yet...December is my birthday MONTH! My Dad, kind and generous man that he is, gave me money and I have purchased yarn, needles, knitting books/magazines
and other fun stuff. Whee!

I bought the Paton's yarn to make the Fiber Trends Felted clogs. You can see my progress thus far. The red/gold ones are for Q. He wanted SF 49er's colors. Mine will be oddly paired with three colors. I also bought that yummy labrador from Crystal Palace and the Iceland are the colors on the right. I'm also going to purchase some rabbit pelts to weave into the finished scarves.

These yarns are from Joannes and Michael's, oh, and the orange yarns are from a local yarn store, Fabric Temptations. I wouldn't normally buy orange but the Rowan and the other Orange were both on sale. How could I resist.
And of course, here are the finished Wyvern's. They are soooo pretty and fit sooo great! I highly recommend this pattern from Marnie MacLean's website. Check it out. I knit them magic loop style and am happy with the finished product. Instead of doing the rib up the back of the leg portion I did the pattern as you can see on the sock that is on the computer keyboard.

School is almost out. Did I mention my birthday is day after tomorrow?


Marnie said...

Your socks look great! I really like your adaptation. You have the ribbing on the bottom for fit but the lace all around for looks. Very nice.
Thanks for letting me know you made them. :)

amandamonkey said...

School being out is a great Christmas/Holiday gift (as is the loads of yarn)!

Rock Star and I made a pile of those Fiber Trends slippers last year for gits - they are really fun to make.

PS - Nice socks!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Tosh! Looks like you made out good with all that stash!
I'm your neighbor on "California Knit Blogs" - and been admiring your projects for months now! :-)