Friday, December 30, 2005

Kill Your TV

Q and I were hanging out in bed night before last talking (our TV died so now all there is to do is talk. I am soooo loving it) and knitting (only I was knitting; Q refuses to learn but I think I'm wearing him down). Lupine recently had a bath so she and Lily and Leon (not shown in picture) were all up on the bed with us. At one point Q got up to get some cereal. He said that Lily was using "kitty psychology" on him as a way to get him to share his milk with her. She'd sniff near the bowl but then when he offered up the milk she would turn away. Finally after practically begging her, she lapped up some of the milk.

In knitting is the completed sock that I will be teaching in a class at MLYS this January and February. This one turned out sooo great! It fits like a glove, um...only it's a sock! The Wyverns have found their new home with my Great Aunt Julia (great = grandma's sister--maybe people know that already and I'm the dumb one). She appeared to have genuinely liked them. I hope she really uses them and wasn't just being nice to save my feelings. Even though I thought they rocked hard I'm still such a new knitter that I think nothing I do is good enough. I hate feeling inferior. I way need to get over it already. I'm sure she loved them. (My new mantra: I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggon it people like me and my knitting.)

I have two scarves going, one is a drop stitch made with Bernat Boucle and Bernat Disco on the ends (I'm an acrylic whore what can I say), the other is just a garter st scarf out of Moda Dea Wild. The latter is super duper soft. I have also started work on a bag with some yarn I got from eBay. The yarn is a really bulky, scratchy boucle yarn. I didn't know what to do with it but Jen came up with the bag idea. I will felt it, it will be good.

And of course, tonight is New Year's Eve. I hope to have great pics. Will post any and all after the hangover wears off. Y'all have a Happy New Year and be safe and fashionable!

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