Thursday, December 29, 2005

Economics of Time

Have you ever found yourself considering doing something and you wondered if it was worth the time or the effort? Last week my friend Jen and I were discussing New Year's Eve attire. We subsequently went to Michael's to check out the yarn and see what looked festive. The sale they had going was INSANE to the tune of several novelty yarns on sale for just over two bucks a skein. That is practically unheard of as far as I'm concerned. Anyways...we looked at yarn for what felt like a little while (it was really 2 hours but who's counting) and she picked out some Fancy Fur (sale price $4) and Disco (not on sale but very sparkley). I picked out some Wild (sale price $ 2.39, sweeet!)

If you happen to be wondering what the point of all this is...Jen thought that she'd rip apart a scarf she'd made way too long and use the yarn to go underneath the Fancy Fur and Disco for her New Year's Eve scarf. It is a novelty yarn of some sort that was a bear to frog. I was dreading the frogging even though I didn't have to do it. Here she is doing the frogging. Had it been me I would have bought new yarn.

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