Monday, December 19, 2005

Holiday Madness

It is still my Birthday Month as I keep pointing out to anyone who will listen. I have a major photo extravaganza; we'll see if blogger actually lets me post them all.... Major Balloon and flower action going on. Q got me a VERY yummy cake torte-y thingy, a bottle of my favorite wine, the roses, and truffles from See's Candies. He's taken me out like a million times and I'm getting fatter from all the eating out. The pretty arrangement is from my Gram and my brother Carloz. Gram gave me a disgustingly exorbitant amount of cash for my birthday and Carloz, sweet little bro that he is, got me a Joanne's gift card (Hurray, more yarn). My Mom sent a bunch of cool stuff. It is a little hard to see in the picture (click it to make it bigger) but there is a knitting calendar on the island there. 1 pattern for each day of the year. All in all it's been a pretty good year. Of course I did have the usual "pre-birthday freak-out". But I'm not going to get myself down by talking about that, I mean, I've been through so much already(HA Ha ha, so melodramatic).

This pic is of Jen and myself, we went out on the Thursday of my birthday week which also happened to be her birthday week. Hers was on Friday. We went to Cherae Heights Indian Casino because Jen's mom (who also happens to be the owner of MLYS) told us we could get $30 cash from them for our birthdays. The catch, you have to gamble for like 5 minutes. Well, I really thought it was a trick because of the having to gamble business, but it wasn't. We gambled on penny machines for about 5 minutes and voila, 15000 casino points which were then redeemed for 30 smackers. I even got my $3 bucks back out of the machine I was playing.

After all that we went to Blue Lake Casino to karaoke. We had a way good time. Jen got up to sing, I sang (of course I sang, karaoke was my idea), we danced, and had happy birthdays (and many tequilas).

I finished the SF 49er colored clogs for Q. He loves them and can hardly wait for them to dry. I have started a new sock. I'm doing it toe up and magic loop. No lace pattern on this one since it is for a sock class I'm going to be teaching over at MLYS. I was going to have the class do Marnie's Wyverns, but Janice(the owner) said to keep it simple, so I will. So there. I didn't do alot of short rows for the toe (8 on a side) to make more space for my Fred Flinstone toes. I'm likeing the results so far. What else have I been up to....Additionally, I have been working on a scarf. What can I say about it. It is made with Bernat Disco (I got it for free in the mail, act now, and you too can have this yarn that will probably arrive in a color you don't like. The offer is only good until the end of the year.) and Lion Brand Woolease thick and quick (I think). It is almost finished, I ran out of yarn. Wouldn't you know it, my "free" Bernat Disco yarn, in a color I didn't even like, would end up costing almost $20 to work up. Have I said yet that I cannot believe I'm using novelty yarn. There, I said it.

Here is a picture of Kia (Maltese) and Bella (Pug-huahua, yep, you got it, Pug and Chihuahua) at MLYS. They are soooo cute.

Here are my three. Lupine has her head on the bed doing the "why can't I get on the bed, woe is me" face. Lily is giving me major sideways stink-eye. And finally, Leon has on his laser eyes.


(I think there is a spelling error in this post but I can't find the damn thing. Grrr.)

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Jill said...

I am so happy to keep reading about all the birthday cheer! Beautiful flowers - and I may just hint to my mom about the knitting calendar for my birthday in a few weeks!(And the crochet calendar!). :-)

Is Lupine and Lily named after the characters in Harry Potter? However they got their names - all three are absolutely CUTE.