Saturday, December 10, 2005


Todays topics are: School, Wyverns, Homemade Memories, stuff(if I can think of anything). This picture of Q and I is from last weekend. I've been pretty busy so I didn't get a chance to upload anything from last weekend. I have crafting pics from last weekend too.

Colleen was very excited about her sock effort. She did it all on her own and it is looking quite cute! Janice was doing pergomano(no idea how this is spelled) which is a technique that uses this special paper and you poke it and prod it until it becomes a masterpiece. The card she was working on was for a friend's 50th wedding anniversary. Peace is a new knitter. I think she brought her daughter into Handmade Memories(HMM) to learn to knit and now when they are both at the shop, her daughter doesn't knit but she does. This is a picture of where I was on the Wyverns as of last weekend.

School is almost over and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy that makes me. This week I had two finals(actually midterms but it is really a final since I don't have any tests during finals week in those classes), a presentation and a research paper due. At the beginning of the semester when I found out I would only have one final exam during finals week, I should have known something was fishy. What ends up happening is, instead of the old fashioned way school used to run where the week or two before finals you had presentations and papers due, then during finals week you'd be tested; now what happens is all the tests and papers and presentations are all due at the same time and it stinks. Though I must say that after I turned in my research paper yesterday I felt pretty good about myself. I got an 85% on my statistics final and a 90 point something % on my soils lab final. Hoo Ray. One more project and a final next week. Done.

Speaking of done, the Wyverns are done! Woooohoooo. So excited. It is a really great pattern and the socks are lovely. To anyone who is going to take on a project that you have to look at for more that 1 - 2 days, taupe is soooo boring. I'm glad the socks are finished and in the future when I make socks I will only pick colors that make me happy. Ugh, I have tried to upload pics to this post like ten times and it won't work. I'll post the Wyverns in a future post.

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hokeypokey7 said...

I bet the taupe socks will be such an excellent basic color that you'll wear them a lot more than you expected! Then you'll be sooo glad you stared at that "ugly" color for so long! Waaaay to go!! What's the next project?