Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lingerie Crochet-- And other tantilizing news from the North Coast.

How is everyone out in the great blogosphere. After my last post I bet y'all thought I got taken away to a secret interrogation prison in Syria or something. HA. Not.

Okay. Loads 'o stuff, news-wise and knit-wise (crochet too, but it leaves my hand a hurtin' so I don't think I'll be brining that up.)

I suppose I'll begin with.... I was in Sacramento for a week and a half towards the end of May helping my Gram look through old photos and I found what I believe to be my first FIBER ARTS lesson. I'm about 7 years old in this pic and that is my Mommy (love you MommY!) showing me the art (and agony) that is... crochet.

Mother's Day came at an extremely inconvenient time of year. The weekend after finals. LAME-O. I made these cards. One for my Gram, one for my Mudda, and one for Janice(the ownerof MLYS because she is so sweet to me). I cannot believe I stamped. The real problem with making cards (aside from the fact that I'd rather light myself on fire that do paper arts) is, now when I need a card for a holiday, I feel guilty if I don't MAKE it myself. UGH. Can you perhaps guess what the result is? I end up not giving any card because I hate making them and I can't buy them. Do you see my predicament.

Here I am with my Mom at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. We both volunteer. She has for like 8 years and I have for 4. I played in a jazz band back in 91 and 92. Anyways, I tried taking this picture like 10 times and we couldn't get one with both of us with eyes open.

Additionally, there was a totally bitchin' band there by the name of Bonerama! A rockin' funk trombone band. They totally rock! Any band that plays Jimmy Hendrix and Black Sabbath is alright in my book.

Blogger has stopped wanting to cooperate so I guess it is time to say adios for now. More in knit later. Embossed leaves are finished (Hooray!)

Happy Summer Solstice. I'm off to the beach for the sunset.