Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Color Me Slacker

I know, I'm lame-o for taking forever to make posts. What can I say except I have been busy with school and sooooo busy knitting that I haven't had time to blog. Oh yeah, and my computer took a MAJOR CRAPPOLA and is still not back to its original tip top shape. But alas, those are all excuses, but true I say.

Enough with the wallowing. Lots has been going on as of late. Spring break happened, early. It was oh so much fun. Went to Sacramento, hung out with the familial unit, hung out with friends, played with pooches, knitted (big shocker, I know), ate yummy food, and shopped a little bit (no really, only a little).

Spring break started on a Friday. I had class that morning and wasn't quite sure if I would make it due to the 5 inches of hail covering the roads in my hood for about 3 miles. It did clear up and I went to class. However, it continued to sleet/snow/hail all the way to Williams, CA. You would think that driving through that sort of weather people would be more likely to get into accidents. You would be wrong. There was not even a hint of an accident until I got onto I-5 where it was sunny and dry. Idiots.

I finished the bag with the big boucle eBay yarn. Here is my dad modelling it for me. I ended up felting it a bit more and I love it! The only bummer is that the beige color didn't felt. What that means for me is that the strap is a little on the long side, but...I think it works out because I wanted it to be a sling bag anyways. As for a pattern for this bag, I don't know. I should have been writing down what I did as I went along. Oh well, one of a kind, what do you know. I'm thinking of entering it in the county fair.

There were many great meals during spring break. There was a shrimp and octupus cocktail with avocado over at La Favorita, Pho over at the Vietnamese place that used to be a Long John Silver back in the day, and we had these taco's that my dad whipped up, I think it was carnitas and there was buche in it (mouth)...big time yummy-ness. My only regret is that I didn't get to eat menudo over at El Padrino. Next time.

I spied this little fabric shop and thought I'd see what they were all about. You'll never believe the deal I found in their store. They had beaded fringe for $2 to $4 a yard. The same stuff I had seen over at JoAnn's for $9 a yard. Sweet. Gotta love the Vietnamese shops! Give them your money!

On my final evening in Sacramento, my mother and I went to Ross. Here I am with her (dopey hat, I know). Then we went to a place in our neighborhood called La Fiesta. Since it was in our hood (upper-middle incomes), I didn't think it would be "real" Mexican food. I mean, you rarely find authentic anything in the "fancy" hoods. So, I told my mother,"If they don't have tacos de lengua (tongue) it isn't 'real'." To which she said,"Es verdad (that's the truth)." If you click on the picture of the menu, you can plainly see that not only did they have tacos de lengua, but they also had tacos de tripa. Who knew.

More later. St. Patrick's day shenanigans and other such minutiae.

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Friday, March 17, 2006


Okay. So I know I promised all sorts of great things...more posts, more often, yadda yadda yadda. Well, believe me. I had the best of intentions. I see a HUGE post in the coming days. It will contain:

  1. Pics of any and all completed projects (Boucle eBay Yarn Bag, Soulard Market Bag, and the Melon Ball Bag-Q is needle felting the seeds on this one...yes, Q is back in the picture. I love him. What can I say.)
  2. Pics of new and ongoing project progress.
  3. Pics of Spring Break in Sacramento, and finally, # 4
  4. Pics of tonights St. Patty's day extravaganza when Teeka and I will party like Irish Rockstars (hopefully we won't die in a pool of our own puke. Lovely thought, I know.)

So, on that note, allow me to leave you with these two purls (wink) of wisdom.

  1. "As long as I've got my vodka you can't make me lie."-Erin Kruger
  2. "The only thing wrong with my life is that I don't have enough middle fingers."-Teeka

Have a safe and happy St.P's Day and I'll have a vodka for you!