Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cables From Green Gables

Here it is, the "Cables From Green Gables" beanie (I'm not sure what I'd call it if I had knit it out of a different color). I finished it several days ago but as is my style I got tired of the pattern, was running out of yarn, and tried to finish it early. When Q tried it on it fit like yamukah (that's right, I'm trying to convert everyone I know to Judaism by making them wear yamukahs disguised as a beanie). I had to take out all my decreases, buy another skein of yarn, and knit on more rows. Anyways, I just love it when you bind off and it makes a pretty spiral on top. This was even cooler since it was cable knit hat, the cables make the spiral look like a flower. You can sort of see the flower on my model's head. Unfortunately Lily has sort of a small head so the hat doesn't fit right. Check it out though, it's a "cat in the hat".

1 skein Lion Brand Jiffy
1 size 8, 40 in circular needle (you could use 1 16 in circular and double pointed needles for the decreases, I just like magic loop because it greatly reduces the number of supplies I have to buy for a project. Magic Loop tutorial here.)
1 stitch marker
1 cable needle

Guage: Um, I really hate this part. I just know that on size 8 needles about 80 stiches for a small head and 88 stitches for a large head works for me with this yarn. I knit quite tightly. Maybe one of these days I'll start doing guage, yeah right.

If you make the small or the large hat it is worked in 8 sections either way. I put the extra stitch in the purled sections.

CO 88 st (80 for small)
Row 1-7: k2 p2 rib.
Row 8: p2, *k6, p5(p4 for small hat)*; repeat between ** 6 times; k6, p3(p2 for small).
Repeat Row 8, 4 more times.
Row 13: p2, Sl 3 sts to cn, hold in front, k3, k3 from cn (slip3 st to cable needle and keep in front of work, knit the next 3 st from the left needle, knit stitches from cable needle). Follow pattern the rest of the way around. When you see purl stitches, purl them, where you see knit stitches, cross your cables.

Repeat Row's 8 - 13 until hat is desired length, the one I did for Q is about 8 inches when I start the decreases.

As I said before, the hat is split into 8 sections. I decreased backwards, sort of. I p2tog. But then you end up a...oh crap, I guess I'll just type it out.

1st Decrease row: P2tog. From now on we will consider the first set of 6k st as the beginning of the row. So, *k6, p3(p2 for small), ptog.* Repeat between ** around. When you get to the end and you see one purl st on your left needle, put the working yarn behind your work and slip this stitch to the right needles as if to purl.

2nd decrease row: *k6, p2(p1 for small), p2tog.* Repeat around.

Lets see, on this row we p2tog'ed with the 9th and 10th st(8th and 9th for small). On the next row you will p2tog on the 8th and 9th (7th and 8th), then on the following row p2tog on the 7th and 8th(6th and 7th), and so forth and so on. Once you have decreased through the pattern then simply p2tog around until there are 4 st left. Take a darning needle and thread it through remaining loops. Weave in ends.

Et Voila! Gables From Green Gables is done.

And in honor of Sarah, here is my laser eye doggie! She looks more spooked than she does spooky, even with her laser eyes.


Becky said...

Hi back at ya, Tosh! Love the cable hat. It really looks nice. I like the top pattern -- and the cute cat. (Nice of you to give equal time to big doggy, too.) After the holidays (when things are only mildly crazy) I might try those cable monsters. They scare me. :o

You gonna be at Stitch n Bitch Tuesday? I hope to make it. Hope to see you there. :)

hokeypokey7 said...

It's beautiful. So...what did Lily say after wearing the beanie? Her 2nd foto looks way mellow. You're mean. hahaha

hokeypokey7 said...
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