Sunday, January 01, 2006

No Power: Washing My Meat With Dog Water

Imagine this: New Year's Eve and no power in your town or the next one over. That is what happened here night before last. There was a huge storm and the power got knocked out at around 11 am in Eureka, Arcata, and McKinleyville. For all I know the power was out for all of Humboldt County. Being the resilient person that I am, I decided that we (Q, J, and myself) were going to go out and have a great time anyways.

The evening started with a trip to Safeway. They were the only place open that had any food. No restaurants were open due to the whole, no power, no lights, burn safety hazard stuff...go figure. So, at Safeway the whole town was there. And, even though they had covered all the refrigerated goods with plastic (I'm assuming so we wouldn't make ourselves sick), almost all of the Lunchables were gone. We grabbed the snack size.

Out in the car we started eating. The little stack of meat slices from mine flew out of the package and onto my dog hair covered floor. Ick! Anyways, I asked J to pass me the water that was at her feet. It was Lupine's water or as I like to put it, "dog water". Dog water in hand I began to wash my meat and then proceeded to eat it.

The next stop was the Clam Beach Inn. Q's and my favorite bartender, Jan was working. Jan makes the best drinks. It is as though she is trying to kill you. We ordered Cape Cods or vodka and cranberry, whichever you are familiar with. They came, I am not kidding, about 90% vodka and 10% cranberry or, just enough to turn the drink pink. Wow. Jan was giving away ice cream treats again due to the whole no power melt down thing. Here are Q and I with the delectable ice cream treat "Choco Taco". My first one ever.

J called her sister ZeeBee(ZB) to pick us up and take us to scope out Arcata, and if that was no good, then to take us to Blue Lake Casino because they had power. ZB is the best human on the planet as far as I'm concerned. She showed up at Clam Beach and didn't have much gas in her car and none of the gas stations were open due, again to the whole no power no fuel pumping capabilities thingy. I offered up my car (technically my mom's car) and off we went. Arcata was looking Lame-O so we settled on Blue Lake Casino. Here is a pic of me, Q, and J. We had a great time. ZB picked us up around 4am after we had eaten the free breakfast offered at Blue Lake.

And finally, in knitting is where I am with my knitting bag made from the itchy scratchy thick boucle wool that I bought with my birthday money on eBay.


amandamonkey said...

You look fantastic! What a great night...

The kitty bed looks good, too. My cat tends to like more scratchy things, so even if it's annoying for you to work on, I'm sure the recipient will love it!

Becky said...

It looks like you are having WAY too much fun, even without power! LOL

I haven't looked at the calendar and forgot about SnB. Hope to make Midnight Madness, though.

Thanks for the reminder!