Sunday, January 15, 2006

Getting Away From Me

Life is getting away from me. I have been to S & B this month, midnight madness, started teaching classes, sang a Whitesnake song at karaoke and so much more. Why haven't I written about it you might find yourself asking. Ugh. Too much time spent doing it all. That and I tried to get up the whole story yesterday but my computer is, I believe, overheating. It will suddenly turn off. I think it is a protection mechanism or something. That or it's crap. Both.

Okay, so, first off, S & B was the first Tuesday of the month. That would have been the third. I guess I'm not so far behind. Anyways, I was working on a hat for the Pink Hat Ladies dinner. I was trying to modify a pattern and it ended up being too small. I have tried making 4 different pink hat lady hats to no avail. What that means to me is that I probably shouldn't be a pink hat lady. The same night J said she needed some antacid. I told her not to grab the two colored Tums. She says, "Why?" Before I could tell her, she had popped one of them into her mouth and was walking around showing us all how disgusting the Tums tasted. Great. Linda is working on cards or pergomano or parmesan cheese or whatever it is that she does that doesn't involve yarn and needles. Becky was making the Voodoo wrist warmers from Knitty. Why they called them Voodoo is beyond me. I mean seriously, shouldn't there be like a Fair Isled pattern of a man cutting off a chicken's head on them or something in order be able to be dubbed "voodoo"? Maybe I'm too finicky. Fe.

As for karaoke news. I did, in fact, sing the Whitesnake song "Here I Go Again" this past Thursday at Blue Lake Casino. OMG. It was sooooo hilarious. All I could think of was that chick in the video who I thought was blonde but turns out was brown hair. Oh well, see how well my brain remembers things from my teen years. Just for trivia's sake, said brown haired lady from the video is Tawny Kitaen. I remember her writhing all over this car in the video. Here is the only picture I could find in case you had forgotten the video.

I still have pink/red hat stuff and class stuff to talk about. It'll have to be later. Oh, did I mention J, the owner of MLYS, and myself are all going to San Diego this weekend for the National NeedleArts Association Trade Show. Buahahaha. I hope they give us lots 'o free crap. Updates and pics soon!


hokeypokey7 said...

Oh, yeah! HEY...just found a reason to get a JOB and make monay -- check out this Tuscany knitting trip with Deb Stoller!!!!

Jill said...

I used to want Tawny as a best friend when I was growing up. I have no idea why - although she was my inspiration for wanting to be a redhead. She lives nearby - and I know her ex. And I just realized that in the photo on your blog, it looks like a full on shot of her, um, where she gave birth to her two beautiful daughters.It's just the position/shadow of her thighs!

amandamonkey said...

sounds like a GREAT time!

I love escaping....