Monday, February 06, 2006

Once, Twice, Three Times I Say Crap!

Busy, busy and more busy. I realized I haven't had a day without obligations in over three, possibly four weeks. First there was the TNNA trade show, I moved weekend before last (see Lupine at the new house with Kia the puppy), last weekend I helped Q move and I had a soil physics field trip (pic later). Crap. Exam Wednesday, homework in two classes due Wednesday, two lab reports due next week. When am I ever going to have time to apply for freaking internships and financial aid for next semester. Again, crap. I think I am definitely spending way too much time reading school books. When did I start caring about reading school books. Triple crap. Knitting class Thursday night if anyone shows, I think a knitting class Saturday. My Friday Natural Resource Conservation class totally conflicts with my life.

In other news...
I have started the Embossed Leaves socks from the Winter 2005 issue of Interweave Knits. On the right is Peggy, she is way coolio. She took my toe up sock class, there is her short-row toe! Yeah Peggy! Jeanette took my glove class (again, pic later). Most people are deathly afraid of knitting on tiny needles. That must be why more aren't showing up to my classes. That or they can't stand me. Who knows. I will post a picture of a cable scarf I taught a few weeks ago. Yet another class that only one person (Jeanette I love you) showed up for. Cables are super easy! As J's grandmother says,"Cables are so easy a baby could knit them."

In blog nes... Linda mentioned to me today that she read about my blog in the North Coast Jornal last week. Here is the link==>
Pretty cool huh? I'm going to see if I can get a print copy of that weeks journal.

Anyways, I don't have enough time for all that I love, that includes going to Sacramento. I am bound and determined to be there for spring break, there or somewhere, maybe Costa Rica. Did I mention I hate flying? Where's the Zanex?


hokeypokey7 said...

That's a beautiful wristlet! You could stop now and it'd still be a really useful item! Yay, Peggy & Jeannette!

amandamonkey said...

The beginning of the sock looks great!