Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Do You Want The Good News or The Bad News?

How shall I begin? How about bad news first, so as to end on a positive note? Me thinks yes. Okay then, here goes.

1. Karaoke contest = Bad news.

2. 73% on my soil physics midterm.

3. Broke up with Q, waiting for emotional fall out.

4. Sent my Mommy her birthday present late.

5. Kia the puppy keeps eating cat crap out of the litter box; follows cats around sniffing but(I think she knows they are the tootsie roll dispensers).

6. Started counting number of calories I shove into my mouth delicately nibble during meals.

I did not win at karaoke so I'm giving it up for my belated New Year's resolution. No more singing. I had on a fabulous outfit, sang like a vamp, and didn't win. Woe is me. Next.

School is giving me grief this semester. Next.

I love Q but he is so wrong for me. He needs mega counseling. I think the crying will happen over spring break (I know, shitty timing, but it is the first time I won't be too busy to feel it.) Woe is me 2 times.

Mom, your present is on the way, I hope you love it.

I absolutely adore puppy kisses, but I just can't let her near me for fear of cat butt on face.

I'm not hungry yet. Lets see how it goes.

Onto the GOOD NEWS!

  1. This blog has a new contributing member! Teeka. (Me and Teeka pictured right) Hooray. Can hardly wait. She says funny stuff all the time and is an amazing knitter! More new content, more often. And, as always, quality!
  2. 73% on my soil physics exam (I know, it was on the bad list too. The good part is that the class average was 65%. We get to retake it on Tuesday too. So I'll have another crack at it. Hooray 2 times)
  3. I sent off my Mommy's present and it should be at her office by the end of the week.
  4. I got a 93% on my econ exam (not too shabby).
  5. Mai Tai is finished (except the strap. Put one on it and hated it, it was a cast-on/bind off jobby that looked like crap in the yarn I picked. Changed it to an I-cord. Now I just need to attach it.)

6. Finished a sock for my "Socks for Wimps" class. The pattern is by Joan Fernbach. Thanks Joan.

Here is my progress thus far on Embossed Leaves. Slow because I have been working on all sorts of stuff for my knitting classes. Next I will start another pattern from AnastasiaKnits called the Melon Ball Bag. I will be teaching it at MLYS as a beginning crochet class.

That is all for now. Exams and papers keep me from knitting. It is so sad I am going to have to resort to larger needles.



hokeypokey7 said...

sparkle plenty!!! Miso soup will soon be on the way!! Love you.

amandamonkey said...

oh, boo on the breakup. I guess you can focus on the positive, though, if it wasn't right for you long-term.

&yay on that sparkly face.