Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm Lame

Went to Sacramento for Turkey Day and have absolutely no pictures to show for it (the picture of me to the right is from about a month ago). I didn't even take a picture of the beautiful cable knit hat that I made for my friend Tamala. It was a pretty green color made from Lion Brand Jiffy yarn. I was going to name it Cables from Green Gables. I'm making another one for Quentin.

This is me signing off for about 2 1/2 weeks. I have huge papers and finals coming up so I doubt I'll have time for knitting and basically anything else fun. I doubt my birthday (December 13th) will be any fun either. My last final is the 15th of December at which point holiday knitting madness will commence. Until then,


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Sarah said...

Don't feel bad about the lack of Thanksgiving pics...I had my camera in my hand most of the day and managed to come away with ZERO pics. I was feelin' lazy.

Good luck on all your finals, papers, and school insanity! Think of all the knitting fun you have to look forward to when you are all done, it will help you get through it all!