Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Would You Walk A Mile For A Camel?

It is really quite amazing to me that since December, I have become a knitting nut. I might go as far as to say fiend (well, maybe).

It all started when my cousin Bekka said she had to do a senior project. She decided on crochet since her Aunt Carla (my mother) could teach her how. Once I saw her doing it I got all jazzed about making a scarf because most of the scarves in stores are too expensive, not long enough (I like to wear my scarves in the "loop" fashion), not cute. So I bought some yarn and a hook and started crocheting.

After all was said and done I finished the scarf and gave it away. It was pretty, but I guess it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I made a couple of other scarves and tried hats but they just seemed too hard in crochet. And, due to tendinitis or carpal tunnel or whatever the heck is wrong with my stupid wrist, I decided maybe it was time to learn to knit. Now that I've been knitting, I can't stop.

I am was working on this scarf using Jo-Ann's Angel Hair yarn. I thought one skein would do it and then I'd have one left over for a hat. No such luck. So yesterday, I drive 14 miles from where I live to Eureka Just to get a skein of yarn. I walk into the store and make a b-line for the yarn. I see the Angel Hair display but no fuscia. Crap. They have the yarn in these decorative "harvest" buckets, whatever! It just makes it hard to find what you want. Finally after looking through every single stinking bucket, I find the last fuscia. Man, I was really frantic for a minute there.

Back to the how far I went for yarn. 14 miles, one way. That means 28 miles round trip which is about the mileage on my car. Gas is pretty friggin expensive here on the North Coast, $2.81/gallon as of yesterday. So, the one skein of yarn cost me $5.99 plus tax plus $2.81 for gas. That to me, is dedication.

Anyways, when I finish the hat I'll post a pic of the hat and scarf set. It's sort of a scallop pattern (click on the link in the word "scarf" above). And, if you haven't read my previous post, I cannot deal with having to buy a gazillion needles in every single size(ie. double pointed, circular, straight) so, I'll be working out another straight needle hat pattern.

Stay tuned!

And just in case my post today was boring for you here is a picture of my doggie Lupine and kitty cat Lily....

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