Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I thought 5 beers would be enough to enter the dreamless bliss most people refer to as "passing out". Apparently I am too much of a practiced drinker to be sedated by a mere 5 beers.

This being the case I had another running from death dream. This time ala SARS Virus and stampeding buffalos. Where do I get this stuff from. Obviously SARS is in the news alot lately but I think this is definitely my brain trying to relieve the stress I refuse to acknowledge during the daylight hours. The suppressed stress being an upcoming flight back to the USA via a SARS affected country that the World Health Organisation has recently issued a travel warning for. As for the stampeding buffalos I can only assume it was a conservation show about Africa that I watched a few days ago that provided that lovely picture in my head.

Whatever happened to beauty sleep!

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