Monday, December 06, 2004

Have You Ever Seen A Tsunami That Size?

Only one more week until the stinking semester is over. I have been in mild stress mode for the last couple weeks but it really got out of hand over the weekend.

In what has become my typical fashion I was working on procrastinating on writing a paper for my environmental studies class when the tsunami hit. This is the same massive wave that hits every single time I have a paper to write. In all of my previous tsunami dreams I somehow manage to get away, but in this dream, after the moon fell into the ocean (how else do tsunamis get started?), I was debating about whether or not I had enough time to go and get my dogs. I finally decide I'm close enough to pick them up and boom, I look up and there is this HUMONGOUS, El Dorado Hills size wave about to crash down. I last remember thinking, "Oh shit. I guess it's too late." And I had a few seconds to wonder if I should even try to hold my breath and how much the water would hurt when it hit.

And then I woke up.

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