Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What's New

This first part is to any webring moderators: I recently changed templates and am having trouble getting the html to work so please be patient with me. I want to participate, I just need time (2 weeks until finals are over).

Loads 'O happenings in the past few weeks. Mom came for a visit, I finished Cherry Bomb, and some other stuff.

Due to the whole lack of time/no time to write stuff I'm only going to post a couple of pics for now and in a couple of weeks I'll be able to dedicate more time to my poor, neglected blog.

Pic on the right, me in my Cherry Bomb from Big Girl Knits . Mommy visiting at the LYS. And finally, J and I getting some real knitting done at our favorite bar, "The Digger".

Wish me luck during finals. Hey Amanda, what happened to that grain size analysis report (ha ha).


amandamonkey said...

Ha! I *wish* I was free to write your report!

Love the Cherry Bomb, BTW - it looks great on you.

hokeypokey7 said...

Good job, Anastacia!!

Jenn said...

Your Cherry Bomb looks awesome!

And I swear you look exactly like a girl that works at a Lane Bryant here in San Jose... :)

MollyKnits said...

The Cherry Bomb looks great, and it is so flattering. Lovely!

Tosh said...

Thanks so much for the great compliments about my first finished garment that I will actually be willing to wear!

I want to make Boobalicious next!

Happy Knitting!

Ariadne said...

I love the Cherry Bomb! And I can't believe it, my husband graduated from HSU! It's really beautiful there.