Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sniff...sniffle...sniff, sniff.


Thanks. So now that I'm finished hacking up a lung (I had a fever last night. And let me just say, thank you Niquil).

My day consisted of

1. Hacking up a lung
2. getting up to let my dog in my room
3. hacking up a lung
4. getting up to let the cat out of my room
5. getting up to let the cat back into my room
6. hacking up a lung
7. downloading some files
8. getting up to make some hot tea while hacking up a lung
9. starting a load of laundry
10. More tea
11. More hacking
12. Working on Embossed leaves sock. 1st one is finished, about 7 more pattern repeats to go on the second one. (did I mention hacking up a lung?)

So, that being said, feel sorry for me. Better yet, feel happy for yourself, that you aren't sick. I'm also sad because no one has signed up to be my frapper friend. Woe is me.

Uh oh. I hear the cat knocking. Better go let him in...HACK.



MollyKnits said...

oh, sorry your sick. I had a bad cold a couple of weeks back. I laid in bed and knit socks for three days!

Hope you are better soon!

Jill said...

Hope you're feeling better now!