Thursday, May 18, 2006


That's what I paid per gallon today. $3-f-ing-75 per gallon of gas. I was on empty. That means, that with only $45 f-ing dollars in my pocket, saved up from 2 knitting classes, I didn't quite fill up my 13 + gallon tank. All I have to say to that is
Fuck you very much George "The Jackass" Bush!
Edit: Just in case you were wondering why I blame the faker that is the president, I'll tell you. Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, offered to sell the US $50 barrells of oil. Bush said no. Why? Because Hugo plans on keeping that money in Latin America. However, if Bush buys oil from the Saudis, he gets the oil money back because the Saudis buy US treasury bonds. This is how Bush can keep pushing our country further and further into debt. What's the big deal? Oh, I don't know, maybe it is the fact that the moron has racked up 2 trillion dollars in new debt since he took office.(Source info at 5/12/2006)

Whew. Now that that is off of my chest. Lets see how long it takes for the FBI or the Department of Homeland Insecurity to come and have a little chat with me.

Now then, much knitting has been happening. I have some pics and some no pics. But I won't be posting any now. I had a knitting tragedy a few weeks back. Quite sad really. I had finished up a very long Jellyfish Tentacle scarf when I wore it out for the first day I sat on it and broke the backbone of the scarf. Woe mohair and silk. Anyways, J figured a way to possibly fix it without frogging the whole thing. However, as my roommate Cara would say, the scarf is on "time out" for now.

Working on an afghan. Done in squares of different stitches. Don't have the book on me now so that'll have to wait too.

And, if my Mom or Gram happens to read this...Really, I made you mother's day cards, I just haven't sent them. And remember, it's the thought that counts. :)

Taking off to California's #1 Cow Town and Home of the Kings tomorrow for about a week and a half of fun. Don't have any money though so how much fun could it be. I'll keep you posted on that one.

Allow me to end on a positive note. One good thing about being broke at the end of the semester is that I am using yarn from my stash. Hooray. I'm so excited. Stop me before I pee my pants.



Anonymous said...

and what kind of car do you drive? Some gas guzzling SUV? Then it's your fault you couldn't fill up.

MollyKnits said...

$3.55 for gas is stoopid. I don't care what you dirve. But, for the record, I do have a Chevy Silverado that I use to tow my RV. I never drive it. I drive my compact car everywhere, and carpool. Why is that people think that only people who drive SUVs complain about gas prices and Bush?

Tosh said...

Hooray for the "anonymous" moron. I drive a vehicle that gets 30 mpg, thank you very much. If I weren't a starving student I would buy a Prius.

Oh, and yes, I'll take the bus.

Oh, and did I mention, fuck George Bush.