Monday, July 24, 2006

Hello Dad. I'm In Hell!

It's official. I'm in hell. It was 111 degrees F here in Sacramento. Crap-olla.

ATTENTION! Knitting news...knitting news...knitting news....

Friday I turned in my entry form for the county fair. I am entering ten items.

This is a beaded bag I made as a sample of the kits Janice bought for Handmade Memories. I think the company is Swallows Nest or Hill or Robins egg or something like that. Can't remember. Anyways, it was DMC rayon thread (don't know the guage) and size 10(?) beads on 000 addi's.

This next project is the Amelia Earhart Aviator hat. It calls for size 8 needles but I think either she has a small head or...she is an even more uptight knitter than I am. The first one I did was way huge. It looked like and Amish hat. This one is done on size 7's and it turned out super cute. The flower is from S & B's Happy Hooker.

This is the Sheep's Butt Boucle Bag (on the right) from way back. I need to de-fuzz the whole thing because I have used it a fair bit.

And this bag, entitled Blueberry Truffle, I am quite proud of. It looks simple but the real beauty is in the construction of it. I am hoping it will win a ribbon (blue, please let it be blue), and then that people will want to buy the pattern.

Here is my second set of Wyvern's (pattern by Marnie MacLean). These are out of Paton's Grace and were done on size 2 addi's. I did a picot bind off to make them extra cute.

This las bag is called Toffee Delight (don't blame me, Q came up with the name). I made it out of the leftover yarn from the felted clogs I made my Dad for father's day.

I will also be entering my take on the Melon Ball Bag pattern by Anastasia Knits. Mine is a watermelonball bag. The seed are needle felted.

Finally, Q and I are on again. Hopefully he can keep from making me mad or hurt again. Here we are on the 4th of July. Pretty sad when you have to wear a shrug and turtlenecks to keep warm in the middle of summer. Although, I suppose it is preferable to the hell that is the central valley.

Oh well, you can see that even though I haven't posted for almost a month, I have accomplished much in knitting. And, I finished two summer school classes to boot. I am in Sac this week helping out my Gram because her normal helper is on vacation. I did warn her though, if the AC gives out, I'm going back to the coast.

Keep cool y'all.



Jill said...

Everything looks great...including you & Q! ;)
I especially like the Amelia Earhart Aviator hat and Wyverns!

amandamonkey said...

I love all those projects! Great job.

Have fun with Q.

velmalikevelvet said...

you have such great stuff, how come we haven't met?? i'm in arcata; i started the SnB group there, Purl 'n Hurl a couple years ago. you should join us!! we'll be at plaza grill in arcata on thu 8/17 from 6:30pm - ~9ish.

i just met janice at handmade memories, and am thinking of going to her midnight free-for-all on friday; will you be there?


hokeypokey7 said...

Hola, chula ... so, what' nu? How about an update!

Jill said...

Tosh? Where U B?
You can come out now ... the sun isn't going to explode.