Thursday, September 21, 2006

Coffee Thieves Must DIE!

I doubt that it would surprise anyone that it would take getting really pissed off in order for me to finally post. That being said I will rant on.

This morning I woke up early because I needed to write a site description for my soils project (turning it in 3 days late). As a reward for actually hauling my ass out of bed to go to school and write, I stopped at Starbucks Tenbucks and purchases a low fat venti vanilla latte.

My morning is off to a fabulous start and so I head over the the McLean computer lab to fix up my paper. I leave the coffee outside the lab as is called for by computer nazis everywhere. It takes me about an hour and a half to finish up and pack up my things to leave. I exit the computer lab and I see that someone has made off with my coffee.

Whoever you are that stole my coffee, you are a heartless bastard and I hope you choke on your next meal.


As for knitting, of course I have been knitting. A sweater from Interweave knits winter 2005 issue and one from the Spring 2006 issue. The red is from the winter issue and the light blue from the spring one. The latter is the one that I have knit the most. I give it two to 3 more weeks to be finished.

I finally knit a booga bag that I love. I won some stuff at the fair back in August. I'll have to post pics sometime soon.

I apologize for not being more up on my blog but I must KNIT!

Knit on crazy folks!


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hokeypokey7 said...

You shouldn't tease like "in progress" pics? mala!!