Monday, September 19, 2005


It seems that my scarves will never end. I have been knitting the "Ugly Yarn Scarf" for what seems like forever. I recently brought it into the house from the garage though and even found my cable needle so I should have it finished and ready to wear, soon.

Part of the whole, taking forever thing is that 1. I haven't been knitting due to excessive amounts of school, and 2. Scarves are cooler when they are longer because you can do the "loop" thingy with them.

Here is a picture (whee I found the camera) of the ribbed scarf that I was going to give to my Dad for his birthday (it was August 21, maybe by Christmas). You can see I'm implementing the use of bobbins. I tried to use just the skiens but finally gave in to having to sew in a bunch of ends for the convenience of the bobbins. Oh, when I first started this scarf, a woman happened to walk by right as I was trying to figure out how to change colors without making holes or making it look ugly by knitting two threads into one knit. Just as this happened a woman, who I am convinced is my "Fairy-Knit-Mother", stopped and asked what I was working on. She then took a few minutes and showed me how to incorporate the two colors. Thank you Fairy-Knit-Mother. You can see pictures of the bobbins in the "On The Needles Section".

Now, I would like to take a moment to bitch and moan about the stupid, STUPID circular needles. Ugh. That was Mom's great idea. I guess it works for her but I'm telling you I almost knit slower with circular needles than when I'm not knitting at all. I am still waiting for the eBay order of Clover bamboo needles but after emailing the seller, they said it was in the mail.

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