Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Want To Be A School Bus Driver

I'm giving up my "pot-smoking-hippie-slacker-'traditional' Humboldt County lifestyle" (I was soooo into that to begin with, ha!) in order to get my class B license and drive a bus.

Here at school they have student drivers and the pay is about $10.50/hour depending on the department(Forestry field trips here I come!) That type of wage is practically unheard of up here on the North Coast. Plus, big plus, I get to pick the field trips that I want to drive. That means, no required work. I can literally pick my hours. However, after talking with some of the current bus drivers, who will soon be graduating, they claim it can take upwards of 1 month to get paid.

Anyways, overall, a good deal. Look out California drivers! I'm going to be in a BIG machine.

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Anonymous said...

Wow -- good for you, chula!! will there be tunes or propaganda playing on the bus?