Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Time Is Sweet

I love this picture of Lily Cat and Lupine. They are usually so sweet with one another. Lily always gives Lupine little kisses and then Lupine tries to give Lily a big kiss; Lily won't have any of that.

So, since the decrease in the number of classes I am taking I have had more time to think about...can you guess what it might be? Yes, knitting! Sooooo happy. In honor of my newfound knitting opportunities I went and picked up some yarn for an old project and a couple of new ones.

Awhile back, when I bought the yarn for the "Hippest Beenie Ever", I also got this Lion Brand "Jiffy" yarn because I liked the green color. Night before last I pulled it out and started a hat (I know, big shocker) with it. I was hoping to find some black "Jiffy" yarn to make diamonds but when I went to the local yarn store, she didn't have too big of a selection. There was however, this pretty reddish/fuscia color that looked great next to the green. What wasn't readily apparent to me in the store is that together, the green with the reddish/fuscia is looking alot like Christmas. SHIT. I mean seriously, how long can one wear a green and red hat. Certainly not after January 1. I'm debating about whether or not to rip it out. What to do, what to do.

On a happier note, I did pick up some yarn for the ubiquitous Buttonhole Purse from Mason Dixon Knitting. I had a really tough time deciding on pinks or reds.
Here you can see I went out on a limb (HA!) and picked red. Cascade Yarns is the maker of this 100% Peruvian Highland Wool yarn. I'm feeling a little unsettled having purchased something other than acrylic. What will become of me? Am I now on the road to becoming a yarn snob? "Fiddle dee dee. I'll worry about that tomorrow."

And, everyone knows this stuff, eyelash/fun fur. "A rose by any other name...." This yarn is for the collar of the Chenille Sweater. I bought it for motivation. Right....

Guess what I want to do now instead of going to my Geographic Information Systems lab? (What did I do with that Joann's coupon?)



Sarah said...

I just made a Buttonhole Bag with Cascade are gonna LOVE it, the yarn felts BEAUTIFULLY, and the pattern knits up ultra quick.

Anonymous said...

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