Sunday, October 09, 2005

Buckling Down

This past week, when my couselor pointed it out, I came to the sickening realization that I am not taking care of myself emotionally. I am focusing on what is wrong with someone else and ways to fix them when I really need to worry about me and what I want and what I need. Man, it was ugly when I heard myself say,"I guess I really just don't want to be with him (my boyfriend)." Woe is me. Anyways, I have never really had to break up with anyone before. I would just make them break up with me. I hate the responsibility of it all. It will be tougher still because we live together. Wish me luck.

That being said, doggie, kitties and knitting have been my stress reducers and source of smiles this week. It never ceases to amaze me how much love they(doggie and kitties) have to give and how much joy I derive from them. Lupine and Lily are very comfortable on the bed together. Leon doesn't trust Lupine as much. Speaking of which, I'm not sure how long it was after I got Lupine that I realized I had named all three of my animals with names starting in "L". I'm wacky, what can I say. Anyways, Lupine is not normally invited onto the bed. The one major exception is when there are fireworks/lightening. It was homecoming weekend here and so there were fireworks at the football game.

So as I mentioned, knitting has been a fundamental part of my stress relief. I have been hanging out over at Handmade Memories to escape my home environment. I got quite a bit of knitting completed on the Kitty Bed from WendyKnits. I'm doing it with the Noro yarn the pattern calls for. The yarns to the right of the Noro are Cascade 220 for a HUMONGOUS felted bag for me! I think I am going to use a variation (bigger) of the Buttonhole Bag (see sidebar "Completed Projects"). However, since I am trying to buckle down, I am not starting any new projects until I finish the Chenille Sweater (sidebar "On The Needles"). I must finish that one since it has been dragging on since July. In my defense, in July, I was in New Mexico HELL, trying to knit a very warm sweater. The memory of trying to knit in 100 degree weather stays with me to this day. I think I'm permanently scarred.

Stay tuned:

Will I find a new place to live or will my bf be able to woo me out of my decision?
Will I finish the Chenille sweater or will I cheat and start on my Really Big Bag?
Will I adopt an animal this week and give it a name starting in the letter "L"?

Find out.


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Sarah said...

Oh, darlin'....sorry to hear you are having touch times. As hard as it is, as much as it hurts, sometimes you have to get selfish and put YOU first. I truly hope things get better for ya...the pets will help lots...animals are so great because they give you unconditional love.

BTW, the buttonhole bags look AWESOME! And all that Noro...I'm drooling...!