Saturday, October 15, 2005

Good Days

For the first time in quite some time, I had a great weekend. The alternate feeling that accompanies a good long weekend is ennui, which doesn't really do very much for my standings in my classes.

Thursday night I waited around for Q until about 7:15 pm. He didn't show up at the house so I took off to the local Indian Casino that has karaoke on Thursdays. I proceeded to get trashed and sing many songs. It was a good time but I had to leave my car and take the free shuttle home. The next morning Q and I went to pick up Ready. We had brekky at the casino and when we left I took pics of the beautiful flowers. Q doesn't look too bad either.
Friday night was Midnight Madness at Homemade Memories. I didn't get there until about 8:30 because Q and I went and tried out a Chinese food place in town. I started working on this beanie. I'm calling it the Diamond Lake Beanie because it has diamonds knit into it and we talked about Diamond Lake during midnight madness, so it seems appropriate. You can see my mess of bobbins. Bobbins are actually pretty easy to use if any of you have fear, don't. It just takes a little longer because you switch yarns every so often. I'll be posting the pattern for this hat soon.

I also finished the London Beanie. I made it too many stitches, as per usual. Q always reminds me how big his head is and I end up making the darn things too big. He actually has a normal head, I don't know why he thinks it is big. Moreover, I don't know why I buy into the huge head hype.
Here is Lily cat. I can't believe her eyes are WIDE open for this picture. The flash went off but the window shades were open and it was sunny out. That must have been it. Leon is in his favorite sleeping spot; on the clean towels.

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