Monday, October 24, 2005

Warm Tootsies

Started a sock. The Wyvern pattern from Marnie MacLean's site. I could have done two at the same time but as it is I'm doing a million things at once. The cool thing was, it wasn't all new. When I did the aviator cap I learned how to do short rows (the toe of the sock is short rows). And, it called for a provisional CO which I had taught myself when I was trying to find a stretchy CO method for the stupid Chenille Sweater. So really, the only new thing is that I am (1) making my first sock, and (2) knitting on 2 circulars instead of with double pointed needles! My Mom was right, it was really easy to do. I didn't even look at the tutorial for it once I got started!

Gotta get working on my homework ?'s. I'll post a pic of my progress tonight.

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