Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The weather has turned decidedly cold and I no longer want to leave the house. I want to be at home, propped up against all the pillows with my kitty cats around and knitting in hand. I have this problem where all I want to do is knit. Not a problem? Ha!

I am trying to get a job as a bus driver at school. I have had the physical and the next step in the process is to go and take the written DMV test. I cannot take the test until I study the booklet. I can't study the book because I am knitting. Eventually the yarn will run out and I will have to go take the test, so I can start driving, to earn money for more yarn. Oh so lame-o.

Enough wallowing. In other news...

I have started a new sweater. It's a ribbed raglan made out of Bernat Boucle with Bernat Boa trim. The boa is a pain in the ass. I almost wish I had bought circular needles so I could knit the darn thing on the round. I'm in the beginning stages of having an aversion to this project because it reminds me of those slutty garter belts/can can girl attire/etc. Let's see, is there anything else about this sweater I can complain about.... Oh, it is almost (not really) motivating me to lose massive amounts of weight so that I won't have to knit so many damn stitches to finish the darn thing. I may have it done in time for Fall/Winter 2006.

In this vein, I have a new rule for all patterns I take on from here until the end of time:

I will not knit any pattern calling for a needle smaller than U.S. size 8.

I'm almost finished with the Buttonhole Bag #2. I have yarn for one or two more but my Mother sent me an email with the link to this cute cat bed. I think I may use the yarn for that. Although, since I am going to the Stitch & Bitch tonight at Handmade Memories I will probably just buy more yarn (note to self: I will read the DMV booklet this week!).

Note to anyone trying this bag for the second time (not the first time because the first time people tend to pay very close atteniton to what they are doing):

Notice how the bag has a garter stitch bottom and then immediately following that is knitting on the round for about 6 rows. Then, suspiciously, it turns to purl every row. Well, everyone know's purling is harder than knitting so why the constant purl you ask? I freaking turned the darn thing around when I was increasing! SHIT. Do not let this happen to you. The only reason I continued without fixing it is because I'm going to flip it inside out and it'll be felted (and I'm going to gift it away).

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