Thursday, October 13, 2005


Sometimes I feel as though my life is some sort of sick joke. This morning I get a great parking spot right outside of the Natural Resources building (where my very early 8am class is held). Then, I see someone parking in this very small spot behind me. My car alarm didn't go off so I figured they cleared it without touching Ready (that is the name of my car). Well, after class I go look and sure enough there is a HUGE scrape on the back bumper. Damn bitch! I saw her. I'll find her. I promise.

In knitting news...

In my last post I spoke of buckling down and finally getting some work done on the Chenille Sweater. I was happily knitting along and it was looking so pretty when I finished the second front side piece that I decided to sew up the shoulder seams and side seams to see how it fit. That is when I got really sad. I CO too tightly so can you guess what happened? Yes, it was too tight around the bottom edge. CRAP! So, I go to Jo-Ann's the next day to spend some $$ on yarn and make myself feel better when I ran into this woman who asked what sort of project I was up to. I shared my predicament with her and she told me this method of picking up the stitches a few rows in from the bottom and knitting a couple of rows then binding off. I thought that was a brilliant idea and began to feel much better. The trouble is (as you may already know if you have used the Lion Brand Chenille T & Q yarn), I couldn't see all of the stitches in the dark yarn.

Moral of the story? I frogged the whole damn thing. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I didn't give up. I had this great idea about taking my measurements and designing my own stinking sweater. So I measured myself, did a gauge swatch, and started anew. I cast on very loosely and wouldn't you know I ended up with an uneven cast on which was pretty good in most places and had some random BIG loops. Frogged it. Looked online for some "stretchy" CO methods. Tried to figure out tubular. Had to CO 2 more times before I got it right. But as I was making the tube, I found it wasn't really all that stretchy.

Let me just say this:

I cannot stand Lion Brand Thick & Quick Chenille yarn. Do not buy this yarn. It is the worst yarn EVER!

Okay, I feel better now. Not really.

I'm pretty spent so I'll keep it short on the "frogging the Kitty Bed" story. I bought the right yarn but it wasn't bulky so I frogged it. The End.

I'm working on a hat. Maybe it will work out. I'm worried it's going to be huge.

Woe is me.


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