Sunday, October 30, 2005

Imaginary Friend

Alrighty then. So yesterday I want over to MLYS and made Janice (the owner) pose with all of her most recent projects. Most people over at Handmade Memories are into felting these days. The bowl is cute and the pattern is by Debbie, the knitting teacher. The big bag is a rather large version of the Mason Dixon Buttonhole Bag. Way coolio. These dishcloth's were from a dishcloth of the month class. I asked Janice to let me know when they were going to do a REALLY hard one. She told me I'd have to teach it (crap.) I got through about 2 pattern repeats on the Wyvern sock while I was there.

After I got home I did another pattern repeat and got to the part where you switch to the larger needles. I happened to have size 4 40'' circulars so I figured it was time to try the magic loop method. There is really nothing to it. Super simple, no extra flying needles. Done.

This morning my Mom was starting the Wyvern socks. I had her look up how to do the provisional CO online and watch the video 3 times then to call me back if she didn't get it. We spent like an hour and a half on the phone. First talking her through the provisional CO and then talking her through the short-row toe. I didn't think we'd get past the CO but with her excellent knitter's intuition, my excellent communication skills, and some online help we accomplished both tasks. Done and done.

This rasberry colored yarn is "crochet yarn", whatever that means. What I do know, is that it is not soft and it is much harder than the Patons Grace I am using on the taupe Wyverns. I started using it this morning when I was knitting with my mother because I had to knit to see what I was explaining to her. The people in the Starbuck's thought I was a crack smoker because they couldn't see the headset I was wearing and it just looked like I was talking to myself or my imaginary friend, about knitting. I must have looked like a total wack job.



Sarah said...

Hee hee! Talking to your imaginary knitting friend in Starbucks. I love it. The socks are looking fabulous. I'm waiting for my needles to come so I can try the whole magic loop deal.

hokeypokey7 said...

I just can't seem to figure out the Wyvern pattern on the top side. Like you said, there don't seem to be enough stitches to complete the pattern. aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!! I feel a good cry coming on.